What we fund

The Fund Factsheet provides full guidance for applicants on what we fund and how to apply.

All applicants should ensure they have read this first before applying to the fund.

What kind of project does the Fund support?


The Kilgallioch Community Fund will support community-led charitable activities that support the rural regeneration and sustainability of communities in Wigtownshire and South Carrick. Awards can support a wide range of costs and activities.

Due to high demand on the fund, ongoing running costs, although eligible, are less likely to be supported, as the Board will prioritise support for one-off or new projects.

Groups seeking to undertake capital projects in respect of land or assets (e.g. village halls, community spaces) must either own the property, or have a minimum ten-year lease.

Priority will be given to applications that address one or more of the following aims:

  • Engage and empower young people, increase employment opportunities for young people and/or attract young families to the area
  • Reduce poverty and disadvantage
  • Improve connectivity, including transport, access to services and opportunities
  • Improve quality of life, health and well-being
  • Build capacity for local groups and promote community spirit
  • Build sustainable community assets, including capital assets.
  • Promote, protect and celebrate natural and cultural heritage

Projects must benefit one or more of the communities listed in the Fund Factsheet, which are geographically defined by community council boundaries. For boundary maps and other information on Community Council areas please see the relevant local authority website or contact us for assistance.

The full details are all in the Fund Factsheet, and case studies can be viewed on this right hand side of this page.If you are not sure about your project’s eligibility, get in touch.

What kind of group can apply for an award?


Applicants must normally fulfill the following conditions to apply to the fund:

  • Applicants must have a constitution (governing document or set of rules) and are set up on a not-for-private-profit basis. Groups do not need to be registered charities to apply.
  • Applicants must be able to provide their latest set of accounts, signed by an independent third party.

What sizes of awards are available?


  • Standard grants: £500 – £10,000
  • Large grants: over £10,000.

Currently the Fund is running one round of funding per year. See How to Apply for more information on deadlines and how to apply for each type of grant.

What if I have more questions?


Pre-application queries are welcomed. For further advice or information on the Fund, or to discuss your project proposal informally, email office@foundationscotland.org.uk or phone 01557 814927.

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